Newmarket Dental Services: Urgent Root Canal to Address Abscess Pain

The root canal process starts with the dentist applying a local anesthetic. They place a rubber dam around the tooth to isolate it, and an opening is made in the tooth, wide enough for the dentist to reach the root canal system and remove the damaged central pulp. The dentist removes the pulp with the use of special instruments, then cleans the area using sodium hypochlorite or other disinfectants. After the canal has been cleaned, the dentist fills up the space and seals it. The tooth opening is sealed with a temporary or permanent filling, then capped with a crown to protect the tooth and the surrounding areas from further infection.

If you think you require a root canal treatment in Aurora or anywhere in the York region, check out only Newmarket dental offices, such as the accessible dental office of Dr. Zofia Wojt.

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