Newmarket Dental Professionals Have Lasting Solutions to Broken Teeth

Tooth enamel may be the hardest tissue in the body, but it, too, is vulnerable to extreme pressure. If your teeth are hit hard, or if you bite them on particularly hard food, they can break or chip. That’s not something anyone would want to experience. Broken or chipped teeth can affect your oral digestive functions, as well as your appearance.

When a tooth is chipped, its inner sensitive layers could get exposed. These layers contain the nerves, which are responsible for teeth’s sensation. They are highly sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, as well as to pressure, and exposure to these elements can cause excruciating pain that may require emergency treatment by a Newmarket dental professional.


Newmarket Dental Clinic Can Stop Oral Problems Caused by Bacteria

Failure to control the population of either species of bacteria can lead to an array of oral problems. One of these is plaque formation, which is not just unsightly but, more urgently, is damaging to the teeth. When plaque becomes thick and hard enough, it can no longer be scraped off by brushing or flossing. The bacteria in it will eventually start to decay the teeth until cavities are formed.

Cavity can lead to sensitivity issues and persistent pain that may require emergency treatment in a recognized Newmarket dental clinic. If not contained in a timely manner, the decay can spread, rendering the affected teeth dysfunctional, and eventually needing extraction.

Newmarket Dental Office Provides Thorough and Essential Oral Care

While Newmarket dental offices, like that of Dr. Zofia Wojt, offer a variety of solutions for their patients’ more complicated dental needs, their most basic dental services, including standard teeth cleaning, remain vital to oral health.
Regular professional cleaning is perhaps the best way to protect yourself from periodontal diseases, which don’t just ruin your teeth, but also damage your gums and jaw. Additionally, the dental exam that is performed on each cleaning session is crucial to detecting oral cancer at its early stages.
This doesn’t mean, of course, that you should leave the fate of your teeth entirely in your dentist’s hands. Observing the proper diet can also help prevent tooth decays. Certain food and beverages, like fruit juices, energy drinks, and the usual sugar-rich and starchy fare can lead to early teeth deterioration.

Newmarket Dentist: Oral Cancer Risks Point to Need for Dental Exams

As in any other cancer types, early detection of oral cancer is vital. York Region residents are encouraged to have regular visits to an experienced Newmarket dentist to help identify signs of cancer before the condition has escalated.

A caring dentist in Newmarket, such as Dr. Zofia Wojt, will help ensure that their patients’ appointments are as pleasant as possible. Not only will such a dentist have state-of-the-art equipment for thorough and effective dental care; the practice will also provide a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to help calm anxieties about much needed dental procedures that are essential to maintaining overall health.

Newmarket Dentists Will Help You Deal with Bad Bacteria in the Mouth

A mutiny by bad bacteria in your mouth is the last thing you and caring Newmarket dentists would want to happen. Unfortunately, a well-known bacterium is capable of just that.

A recent study by University of Pennsylvania researchers found out that P. gingivalis, a species of bacteria responsible for periodontitis, can neutralize immune cells by disrupting their ability to kill germs while preserving their ability to trigger an inflammatory response. This allows other bad bacteria to take over your mouth in sheer numbers, leading to a phenomenon known as dysbiosis.

While P. gingivalis is not as numerous as most oral bacteria, its action on the mouth can be quite deadly.