Thorough Cleaning at a Newmarket Dental Practice Complements Brushing

While dental industry professionals no doubt need to resolve these conflicting opinions soon, the importance of regular and thorough brushing to one’s dental health cannot be denied. Residents in the York region who may be facing the dilemma of which technique to use would do well to consult a trusted Newmarket dental practitioner like Dr. Zofia Wojt, D.D.S.
Upon examination of a patient’s teeth, the dentist can recommend a technique appropriate for the patient’s specific condition. Likewise, regular and thorough cleaning by a dentist can complement everyday brushing, regardless of technique.
It is important to brush properly and floss around crowns and dental implants in Newmarket so the surrounding gums are not damaged. One will have to call the dentist for an emergency appointment to restore the implant and protect the crown from further damage.